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Bryant PRIDE's web site in 1998 as viewed with Konqueror in Novell openSUSE 10.2

In the Fall of 1997, when I was a freshman at Bryant University, I greatly enhanced Bryant PRIDE's web site with several pages and JavaScripts. This also included a JavaScript-driven background MIDI music jukebox in a pop-under, which was unique for a web site at that time. While I was the web site's maintainer, it moved from static HTML to ASP and then to PHP.

I served as Bryant PRIDE's president during my last academic year at Bryant University -- from 1999 to 2000. Due to my graduation, I no longer maintain Bryant PRIDE's web site, and it has since moved on from the designs that I had used.

KittyCat! Jukebox

One of the more interesting features of the site was a MIDI jukebox that played music in the background using JavaScript, Microsoft ActiveMovie, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, the jukebox does not function properly in modern versions of Internet Explorer.

KittyCat! Jukebox running in Windows 95 OSR2

ASP Version

To facilitate ASP hosting on Bryant University's IRIX web server, I wrote a small CGI program in C that connects back to my server on the internal residence hall network and caches results on the IRIX server. This ASP version was short-lived as I became familiar with PHP and subsequently rewrote the web site in PHP. I ran the PHP version on the public residence hall server, eliminating the need for the CGI proxy.

Error page that got displayed from the nph-pride.cgi program when my server was inaccessible and no local cache of the requested resource existed

PHP Version

With a new version, I redesigned the visual layout of the web site to make it even more fabulous, complemented by the fabulous PHP web scripting language. The PHP version ran on the public residence hall server until it was replaced by the next webmaster on Bryant University's IRIX web server.

The PHP version of Bryant PRIDE's web site
The "what's new" page on the PHP version of Bryant PRIDE's web site