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<small>[https://www.moonlightdesign.org/wireless/ Guest wireless network sign-up] (local network only)</small>
<small>[https://www.moonlightdesign.org/wireless/ Guest wireless network sign-up] (local network only)</small>
[https://www.moonlightdesign.org/msy.pdf test]

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Welcome to Moonlight Design -- the personal web site of Henry Lamb and Steven Lawrance

Henry Lamb

Henry Lamb is a professional restaurateur trained in both restaurant management and culinary arts at the California Culinary Academy. For a few years from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, Henry was a graphic designer trained at the Art Institute of San Francisco and the Academy of Art University

Visit Henry's new wine site: Glass of Grape

Steven Lawrance

Steven Lawrance is an active practitioner of software engineering and open-source software enthusiast trained in software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and business administration with computer information systems at Bryant University

Check out the list of software that Steve has either written or contributed to

IE URL Lock GnuCashToQIF TLS/SSL Protocol Group Policy Template DirList CompactOnDelete PortProxy Team Serendipity Disk Imager ScreenWindowX

Guest wireless network sign-up (local network only)