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MeowyMIDI is a 1.0 sound font with cat meows and purrs for Sound Blaster AWE32 and AWE64 audio cards. It may also work on newer Sound Blaster audio cards that support sound font technology.


Readme File

If you want to use the SBK file in your own MIDI files, use a MIDI editing program and create a controller fill for the duration of your song on the track you want with 0 and a value range from 3 to 3. Please note that the meow sounds are not in the list of instruments, so you'll need to select the following instruments for the sound you want to use on the track that you performed a controller fill on.

Instrument Sound
Acoustic Grand Piano Meow 1
Bright Acoustic Piano Looping Purr
Electric Grand Piano Purr Part 1
Honky-tonk Piano Purr Part 2
Rhodes Piano Meow 2

Enjoy MIDIs with meows!! :-)

All you need to do is run SETUP.EXE from MS-Windows.