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IntMap is a library that I wrote for a larger project in my first computer science class in high school. The project was a graphical animation of a cat eating a fish and was written in Pascal for DOS. IntMap provided the image loading, display, movement, and rotation for the project, permitting me to use scanned drawings of a cat and a fish in the scene. The scans were manually copied into text files that represented each pixel color value as a single integer in a space-separated row of pixels for each line. These files used the "imp" extension for "integer map," which was a play on "bitmap." One integer value is reserved for full transparency -- similar in concept to the graphics interchange format (GIF). Movements and rotations are handled efficiently to require only one pass at screen drawing for each operation. Damaged regions are stored in memory before the damage, enabling proper damage recovery without having to redraw the background.


IntMap2 was a port of IntMap to the C programming language that uses the extended memory specification (XMS) for storing integer maps as well as standard bitmap (BMP) files, though IntMap2 has not been thoroughly tested. It was abandoned due to a lack of need for it.