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Add some spice to your application's busy cursor :-)!

KJMouse: The KDE-Style Busy Cursor for Java

KJMouse is a busy cursor similar to KDE 2.2's for Java applications. To get the mouse position and to set the always-on-top window status, KJMouse uses JNI and custom native code when on Win32 or X11 or, in the case of Mac OS X, the Cocoa Java library.

Currently, the X11 code is not fully reliable, but the Win32 and Mac OS X ports work very well. This busy cursor was developed under the LGPL and is currently ready for use for Win32 and OSX-based Java programs like the one I do at my work. The X11-based native code will be finished some time in the future, including support for always-on-top via window manager hints.

To use this program in your project, either grab the source or grab the JAR and, if targeting Win32 or X11, the appropriate native code module. The X11-based native code must be compiled, but the Win32 DLL can be used as-is or it can be compiled from the source. Mac OS X users who get an error about not being able to find the Cocoa classes should ensure that /System/Library/Java is in the class path.

--Steven Lawrance--